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Hardware Design

Our Hardware design comprises of the process from Concept, feasibility study, design to the realization of the proven, tested, reliable hardware with value added services. Today's Hardware Design involved lots of challenges with the High speed signals, Signal integrity issues and EMI / EMC compliancy. RAM Systems with its competency is able to meet all the above said challenges.

We are not just provides the design for requirements but is raised up to the level of joining the clients in making decisions to meet the cost and time.

Offered Services

  • Feasibility study and analysis with different cost effective solutions and options
  • Architectural design
  • Proof of concept proto-type boards
  • Design of high speed digital, analog and mixed-signal boards
  • Design of reference design boards
  • Cost reduction and Re-engineering of boards
  • Design of Test and Debug boards
  • Design and requirement documentation
  • Schematic Entry
  • Signal Integrity Analysis, Power Analysis and Thermal Analysis
  • Pre layout and Post layout Analysis

Domain Involved

  • Telecom Equipments
  • Medical devices
  • Consumer Electronics - RFID & Handheld devices
  • Test and debug boards

Value added services

  • Rohs complaint component engineering
  • Cost reduction consultancy
  • Reduced Respins proto-type rounds.
  • Environmental and reliability analysis.

PCB Design

Our PCB design house is equipped with well talented and experienced PCB design engineers to meet the challenges involved in today's PCB design in meeting the signal integrity and the compliancy. We all provide onsite services for the PCB design with our engineers with expertise in many Design and Testing tools.

Offered Services

  • Symbol creation and Library management
  • Component Placement and Route
  • Design of high speed digital, analog ,RF and mixed- signal Printed Circuit boards
  • PCB Design with CADENCE and MENTOR tools.
  • Multilayer boards up to 26 layers and more.
  • High speed signal layout design up to 1GHz.
  • Layout design with DFx Aspects.
  • CAM file output generation.
  • Reverse Engineering.
  • Design of ATE chip test interface boards probe cards, load boards and test fixtures.
  • High quality design is assured with good review process and checklists.
  • High quality assured with our design processes.

Onsite Design Services

  • Experienced engineers with expertise in CADENCE and MENTOR
  • Have executed layout design on multiple client location.
  • Have good knowledge on different costumer process.
  • Flexible to work timings.
  • Good understanding of hardware design
  • Interactive with designers
  • Flexible for Schematic changes at any time

Layout Expertise

  • High Pin count and fine pitch BGA design
  • Network & Backplane boards up to 26 layers
  • Work with the designers for Floor planning and deciding the board stack-up.
  • High speed and mixed signal interfaces
  • Length matching and controlled impedance.
  • Layout design to meet Signal integrity, EMC and other standard interface compliances.
  • Reusability and reduced PCB design time

Embedded Software Services

Our various software development models for various Development and sustenance projects are helpful for the costumers in meeting their quality standards and time to market. We offer embedded software services for various domain including Telecom, Networking, Medical devices and consumer electronics. We offer the following services.

Offered services

  • Software design, coding, testing and maintenance.
  • Software integration and testing
  • System verification
  • OS and Device driver development
  • Board Support Package (BSP) development.
  • Application software development
  • Protocol stack development

Our Expertise

Our team has hands-on experience in software development on various platforms for the processors cores like below.

  1. Strong ARM processor
  2. MPC Power QUICC
  3. Various Network and communication processors


"I am more than happy to recommend you as you have provided a very efficient service exactly to our requirements and you have been very flexible when doing so – a truly excellent level of service."
Mr Shiva Kumar
Managing Director of
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