PCB Layout Design

PCB design services for High speed Digital, Analog & Mixed signals, Ultra-high density and Radio Frequency(RF) boards using latest EDA tools.

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PCB Layout Design

Having over 10+ years of experience in designing PCBs, We have worked across different domains for Top OEMs. With our in-depth understanding of the materials and manufacturing process, we can provide with “First Time Right” Designs significantly reducing the time to market

Our PCB design house is equipped with well talented and experienced PCB design engineers to meet the challenges involved in today’s PCB design in meeting the signal integrity and design standards & compliance. We provide onsite services for the PCB design with our engineers with expertise in many Design and Testing tools to support customer demands

We take the complete board development cycle from schematic development to delivering the tested assembled boards with the required approvals and certifications. Our specialty is in handling of tight constrained high complex circuit boards for military applications, avionics and processor mother boards

Offered Services

  • Symbol creation and Library management
  • Component Placement and Route
  • Design of High speed Digital, Analog ,RF and Mixed- signal Printed Circuit boards (PCB)
  • PCB Design with CADENCE, ALTIUM and MENTOR tools
  • Multi layer boards of 26 layers and more
  • High speed signal layout design up to 100 GHz
  • Layout design with DFx Aspects
  • CAM file output generation
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Design of ATE chip test interface boards probe cards, load boards and test fixtures
  • High quality design is assured with good review process and checklists
  • High quality assured with our design processes
  • Comprehensive Professional fabrication documents


  • High Pin count and fine pitch BGA design
  • HDI, VIP, Back Drill, Blind and Buried via
  • Network & Back-plane boards of 26 layers
  • Work with the designers for Floor planning and deciding the board stack-up
  • High speed and mixed signal interfaces
  • Length matching and controlled impedance
  • Layout design to meet Signal integrity, EMC and other standard interference compliance
  • High speed/High density/Highly Constrained Designs
  • Reusability and reduced PCB design time
  • Design for DFM/DFA/DFT
  • Designs Complies with IPC Standards

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Providing HDI design to adhere EMC/EMI Standards,X-TALK rule, blind & buried via rules, ensuring and focusing all critical signal issues to function effectively...


Having vast experience in working for all major test board and ATE IC test system Customers. Our Engineers have long experience in designing boards for…


Business Model Services

  • Experienced engineers with expertise in CADENCE , ALTIUM and MENTOR
  • Have executed layout design at multiple client location
  • Have good knowledge on different costumer process
  • Flexible to work timings
  • Good understanding of Hardware Design
  • Interactive with Designers
  • Flexible for Schematic changes