SI, PI, EMC, EMI & Thermal Analysis

PCB Analysis

Growing number of Hardware companies are experiencing a sharp upturn in system-level Signal Integrity, Thermal and Reliability issues that result in project delays and increased cost.Ram Systems quick turn design analysis services addresses needs of these customers by providing expert resources at very affordable prices.The analysis is carried out in two phase, the pre and post layout analysis.

RAM SYSTEMS SI engineers are having strong knowledge in SI theory and expertise in simulation tools to analyze various SI/PI issues like reflection,Return loss, due to impedance mismatch, crosstalk, signal attenuation and PDN noise which affects the interconnect performance.

Pre-Layout SI Analysis

Prior to Layout Process creation, there are set of pre layout analysis need to be done , such as Planning Topology Creation, Controlled Impedance stack up, study on Dielectric material properties, termination schemes, routing length optimization, Stubs optimization, placement optimization, Trace properties (Trace width,spacing and Skew matching), Via properties and layout guidelines for layout designer in pre-layout analysis.

Post-Layout SI Analysis

Post layout analysis includes Review Layout to ensure good Layout practice, simulations of Finished board for SI/PI issues like cross-talk, Reflection, Attenuation, PDN and EMI issues. 

SI Analysis

PI Analysis

EMI & EMC Analysis

Thermal Analysis