Domain expertise

Over the years, Ram Systems has built competencies in specific industry domains acquiring in-depth knowledge and expertise, creating intellectual property and re-usable platforms. 

Ram Systems believes in “Absolute Thought Process” with experienced technical resources to deliver complete electronic Product Design Solutions

Aerospace and Defence

  • Adhere to Military, Aerospace and Defense standards Design that ensures reliability to override issue for Military and Aerospace electronics. Regardless of the application, they are performing in the most extreme environment and hazardous situations
  • To increase performance of Military and Aerospace electronics, reduced in size to increase functionality and reduce weight


  • Providing strategic solution for advanced-technology, medium-level to high-level-volume and high reliability Designs to Automotive electronics
  • Compliant to EMC and EMI Standards, that has great signal integrity to work in any conditions
  • Focusing Quality and Error free Designs for our Customer needs


  • Providing Consultancy and Turnkey services for almost any kind of telecom Electronic requirements.
  • Helping to build, enhance and operate network infrastructure by incorporating best-in-class ingredients and platform technologies.
  • Telecom Networking product design solution and is tightly integrated with its Contract Manufacturing/Prototyping service

consumer electronics

  • Engage in early Design Development based on DFT(Design for testing) and DFM(Design for Manufacturing)
  • Ram Systems always Think to Reduce costs, High Quality & Reliability to reduce Re-spin prototyping cycle
  • Meeting Technology demand, we at Ram systems also matching our excellence according to generations to meet the customer requirements


  • Developing Customer Reference Boards, Evaluation Boards and Reference Design packages for its Customers. Working in union with Applications Engineering and Product Marketing groups at its semiconductor Customers
      • High Speed Serial designs up to 15Ghz
      • Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)
      • High Pin count designs (FPGA Arrays, DDR2/DDR3/DDR4, DSP)
      • Turnkey Board Assembly, Board Bring-up and Functional Testing
      • High Speed Board Technologies – Hybrid Construction, quick turn designs
      • Schematic Engineering, Board Design & Layout, SI, DFM/DFT Implementation


  • Design and Develop Electronic product engineering in Medical industry that depends on stringent standards,  process control and product trace ability. We specialized to adhere to a comprehensive quality system designed to meet the demands of the Medical industry
      • Providing end-to-end service solutions to the medical customer
      • Medical equipment design & prototyping
      • Electronics, software, Industrial design, Mechanical
      • BOM optimization and low power design for wearable health devices
      • Device miniaturization, localization re-engineering
      • IOT Powered connected healthcare solutions